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36x Branded Mugs
Create your own photo mug with your favourite image, artwork, design, or logo printed onto both sides of the mug.

Either upload an digital image here or send the image or artwork in the post to our studio as hard copy or on a disk, the postage details will be emailed to you with the order confirmation.

Each mug could have a different image or logo printed onto them.

To purchase these products either click the buy now button at the bottom of the page, which will take you through to the Paypal payment process or , if you prefer, print out this page and fax to 01737 780987 or email or telephone 01737 780789.

This offer is only available for 36 mugs.


  • Completely dishwasher proof
  • £5.50 per mug
Price: £5.50

Buy 36x Branded Mugs

You can upload a picture in one of the following formats: jpg,png,tif or psd. The maximum size is 5 megabytes. Alternatively you can send it to us by email or on CD through conventional post

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